Funtown Splashtown USA believes that people, especially children, can learn under any circumstances, including at an amusement and water park. That is why we created ‘Funtown In Learning’.
The goal of ‘Funtown In Learning’ is to provide students with the ability to practice applying the concepts they learn in the classroom in a unique environment.
Through our partnership with the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance, the park has created Funtown STEM, a program for middle and high schools. Designed by the educators who teach this subject everyday, Funtown STEM provides experiential education in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The park dedicates two days in May for STEM Days when the park is closed to the public so that students can learn about the practical application of STEM. For more information, you can contact Group Sales at or call 207-284-5139.

The Funtown Music Festival is an opportunity for middle and high school music programs to learn from professionals and improve their technique and performance abilities. Groups perform for adjudication and have a clinic. For more information, you can contact Music Festival Coordinator Melissa Shabo at