Pirates Paradise


Pirates Paradise AquaPlay
Family Activity Area

The Pirates Paradise is a wonderful collection of slides and fun with hidden surprises at every corner. To start, it has eight water slides for varying degrees of bravery so that buccaneers young and old with enjoy their time. There are the three large body slides that are on the back of the structure for the braver bucs and for the not so brave, there are five smaller kiddie slides in the front. Sitting atop the structure is the Pirate, who's head will tip forward and dump 500 galloons of water on the guests below every two minutes. Built into the structure are water hoses, water cannons, tipping cones, overhead sprinklers, dumping water troughs, water coming out of railings, and many more interactive features that will delight adults as much as it will children. The Pirates Paradise has lots of lounging with plenty of shade with our palm trees and funbrellas shielding the sun away.

Pirate's Paradise