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Amusement Parks Near Boston With Great Rides

Of all the amusement parks near Boston, one visitor pointed out … “Awesome great rides. There are rides for anyone there. I enjoyed the thrill rides.”

The park features Maine’s only wooden roller coaster, Excalibur, as well as New England’s longest and tallest log flume, Thunder Falls. It also has a 220-foot-tall (67 m) Drop Tower called Dragon’s Descent.

One of the park’s most popular rides is the Astrosphere, which is an indoor Scrambler which features a state-of-the-art laser and light show while playing ELO’s Fire on High.

As another visitor visiting amusement parks near Boston recommended – “This place rules. Here’s why … Some very fun rides — favorite is the Tornado, a group raft ride where you are flung into a giant funnel. Also individual slides Poseidon’s Plunge and Triton’s Twist are awesome. You get into this enclosed chamber (one friend described it as a glass coffin) and then floor drops out, shooting you straight down at 40 ft. per second. Terrifying but awesome, even considering the wedgie you get upon impact with the water.”

And another commented … “I couldn’t decide what I loved more the Plunge or the Twist! Both were really scary!”

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So if you are looking for amusement parks near Boston with fun, exciting rides … Funtown is the place to visit.