If you are a school, church, scout troop, recreation department, summer camp, day care*, special needs organization or family with at least 25 paying guests that is planning to visit Funtown Splashtown USA, you qualify for group discount pricing. Advance reservations (24-hour minimum) and a $50.00 non-refundable deposit are REQUIRED! With any group, parking is free and bus drivers receive a free group bracelet. Chaperones may qualify for an additional discount depending on the size of your group (100-499, 500-999, or 1000+ pricing categories only). Contact Group Sales for more information at 207-284-5139, or e-mail us.

2021 Group Rates
Groups scheduled for June 19 through September 6, 2021

Group Rates (38″ and taller for bracelets; does not apply to meal tickets)
(Water Park & Rides)
Funtown USA
(Ride Park)
Splashtown USA
(Water Park)
Meal Tickets
(Only pay for the
number you need)
All Day3pm
All Day3pm
All Day
25-99 people
$14.00 plus tax
100-499 people
$14.00 plus tax
500-999 people
$14.00 plus tax
1000+ people
$14.00 plus tax
Chaperone Rates
(Recreation, School and Summer Camp groups only – 1 for 10 ratio)
(Special Needs and Day Care groups only – 1 to 5 ratio)


Making The Reservation
Complete and submit the group registration form on the website. A $50.00 deposit is required for all groups who schedule a trip to the park. To schedule your group, you need to know the date and time you will be arriving at the park, plus an approximate number of people in your group and the type(s) of bracelets your group would like.

Payment Methods
Group Leaders can pay by cash, organization check (ID required), money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. The park does not accept personal checks. Your group can be billed with terms of NET 15 by making prior arrangements with the Group Sales department and presenting a purchase order upon arrival. The park does not collect payments from individual members of a group. If your group or organization is tax-exempt, you will need to provide a valid certificate to the Group Sales Office before your group in scheduled to visit the park.

Recreation departments, schools, and summer camps are allowed one chaperone at a discounted rate for every 10 children in the group once the group has met the minimum number required. Special needs and day care groups are allowed one chaperone for every five children in the group once the group has met the minimum number required. The chaperone rate for a Combination bracelet is $22.00. The chaperone rate for a Funtown USA Ride Park bracelet is $18.00. Splashtown USA Water Park does not have a chaperone rate.

Inclement Weather
Your group’s safety is our #1 concern, and unless it is raining heavy enough to jeopardize the safety of our guests and/or team members, the park(s) will remain open. Gift shops and arcades will remain open during these periods.

Depending on the weather conditions, some rides or water slides, or even the park(s), may be forced to enter “Safety Standby Mode” and then continue normal operation once it is safe to do so. “Safety Standby Mode” does not indicate that the park is closing for the day. It simply means that the weather conditions are not conducive to operating the attraction(s). Calling for an attraction or park to go into “Safety Standby Mode” is done at the discretion of management.

When a ride comes out of “Safety Standby Mode”, the operator will perform a test cycle before allowing any guests on.

Group Weather Guarantee
If the park(s) are FORCED to close earlier than the scheduled closing time due to inclement weather, there is a ‘Group Weather Guarantee’ policy in place. Should the park(s) be forced to close within two hours of the check-in time printed on your receipt, then each person in your group will be issued a rain check, in the form of a one-day ticket, to come to the park on another day. You will receive a rain check pass for the park(s) that you purchased. Should the park be forced to close after two hours of your check-in time, there will be no rain check or refund issued.

Once You Arrive
The group leader must check in and hold group members to the side of the Group Sales area until you are called to line up. Buses must park in the overflow parking lot at the end of Funtown Parkway. Please follow these parking guidelines to insure an easy departure for your group and our other guests. PARKING IS ALWAYS FREE!

Special Groups
Recreation departments, schools and summer camps require a minimum of 25 paying guests and qualify for ‘100-499’ pricing.
Special needs groups require a minimum of 10 paying guests and qualify for ‘100-499’ pricing. Special needs groups do not receive entrance to the Grand Prix Racers.
Day care groups that schedule Monday through Friday only require a minimum of 10 paying guests and qualify for ‘100-499’ pricing. Day care groups that schedule on a Saturday or Sunday require a minimum of 25 paying guests to receive regular group pricing based on the number of paying guests. Day cares are required to show a state license prior to arrival.

* To schedule as a day care, Funtown Splashtown USA must receive a copy of the license issued by the state where the day care is located.