Park Safety Requirements
For your safety, all admissions are subject to the posted rules and regulations set forth by management, the attraction’s manufacturer, and the park’s insurance company. These policies are provided in the hope that you will enjoy yourselves in a wholesome and SAFE family atmosphere. Signs are posted at the entrance of each ride and water slide. All height, weight, and safety requirements must be met or your ride is forfeited. Loose articles including hats, sunglasses, goggles, cameras, GoPros, cell phones, selfie sticks, and other similar devices are not permitted on any ride or any water slide at any time. The park has created an Accessibility and Safety Guide with detailed information about all rides, water slides and pools. The Accessibility and Safety Guide can be downloaded from the park’s website or Reference Sheet can be picked up at Guest Services.

For the safety of all guests, Funtown Splashtown USA reserves the right to search bags and coolers. Items that are prohibited from being brought into the park are: grills and/or other food-warming devices; glass containers, jars, or bottles; sharp knives and/or utensils; and alcoholic beverages. You will be asked to return these items to your vehicle.

Ride Requirements
All height measurements are done with shoes on; there are NO exceptions. All riders must be able to sit up without assistance or they cannot ride.

Ride Height Requirements
Thrill Rides
Adult Bumper Boats238-inch minimum; 44 inches to ride alone
Astrosphere38-inch minimum; 48 inches to ride alone
Casino38-inch minimum; 42 inches to ride alone
Dragon’s Descent48 inches minimum
Excalibur Roller Coaster48 inches minimum
Flying Trapeze42 inches minimum
Grand Prix Racers142-inch minimum; 58 inches to ride alone or drive
Sea Dragon48 inches minimum
Sock It To ‘Em – Bumper Cars38-inch minimum; 48 inches to ride alone
Tempest In The Tea Cups38-inch minimum; 42 inches to ride alone
Thunder Falls Log Flume38-inch minimum; 48 inches to ride alone
Thunderbolt38-inch minimum; 42 inches to ride alone
Tilt-A-Whirl38-inch minimum; 46 inches to ride alone
Wild Mouse Roller Coaster46-inch minimum; 52 inches to ride alone; 75-inch maximum
Family Rides
Antique Cars No minimum; 42 inches to ride alone
Balloon RaceNo height requirement
Barney Oldfield RoadstersNo minimum; 42 inches to ride alone
Classic CarouselNo height requirement3
HelicoptersNo minimum; 48-inch maximum unless accompanying a Little Rider3,4
Merry-Go-RoundNo height requirement3
Kiddie Rides
Cactus CanyonNo minimum; 48-inches maximum3
Frog Hopper36-inches minimum; 48-inch maximum unless accompanying a Little Rider3,4
Kiddie Boats No minimum; 48-inches maximum3
Kiddie Bumper Boats No minimum; 42-inches maximum3
Kiddie CarsNo minimum; 48-inch maximum unless accompanying a Little Rider3,4
Kiddie SwingsNo minimum; 48-inches maximum3
Kiddie TrainNo minimum; 48-inches maximum3
Red Baron PlanesNo minimum; 48-inches maximum3
1 – To drive a Grand Prix Racers, you must be a minimum of 58-inches tall and capable of operating a self-controlled vehicle. Any rider under 58 inches tall must still in the passenger seat. For safety reasons, management reserves the right to decide who can and cannot drive.
2 – The maximum weight per boat is 450 lbs.
3 – Adults are encouraged to enter the ride area to assist their child with entering and exiting the ride.
4 – Guests with disabilities may refer to the Accessibility Guide for more information.

Under 38-inches tall are free into Funtown can ride all of the Family and Kiddie Rides, unless otherwise indicated above, for free if the person with them has a Funtown or Combination bracelet and is 48 inches tall or taller (Big Funtown or Big Combo).

Slide Requirements
For admittance into the Splashtown USA Water Park, you must be wearing a Splashtown or Combination bracelet. Children under 48-inches tall must be accompanied by an adult with a Splashtown or Combination bracelet. Children under 38-inches tall are free into Splashtown if the person accompanying them has a Splashtown or Combination bracelet and is over 48-inches tall (big slider or combo).

Slide Height Requirements
Amphitrite’s Challenge Racing Slides42 inch minimum and must slide alone7
Corkscrew Mat SlideNo height requirement5,6
Liquid Lightning Tube Slide838-inches alone; Double tube MUST have at least one 48-inches or taller slider7
Mammoth Thrill Slide42-inch minimum; 48-inches to ride alone; up to 5 sliders per raft; maximum weight per raft is 800 pounds.
Pirate’s Paradise AquaplayNo height requirement5,7
Posedion’s Plunge Thrill Slide48-inches minimum7
Splash Tube Slide (Green)838-inch minimum; Double tube MUST have at least one 48-inches or taller slider7
Splish Tube Slide (Black)938-inches minimum6
Tornado Thrill Slide48-inches minimum; 2-person “Whirly Wheel” tubes – maximum weight per tube is 400 pounds; 4-person “Clover Leaf” tubes – maximum weight per tube is 700 pounds.
Triton’s Twist Thrill Slide48-inches minimum7
5 – If a small child (infant) is unable to sit up without assistance, they cannot ride.
6 – 250-pound weight limit per person
7 – 300-pound weight limit per person
8 – Single and Double tubes allowed
9 – Single Tubes Only

Proper swimming attire is required. There are life jackets available on a first come, first serve basis. Children wearing diapers are required to wear swim diapers; NO exceptions. They are available in the Heritage House of Gifts and at the Horizons Tiki Bar Gift Shop. Bathing suits with buttons, zippers, rivets or snaps on back or sides will not be permitted on slides. BunkzTM that cover grommets on bathing suits are available for purchase at the Horizons Tiki Bar Gift Shop.

Important Information

  • Smoking is permitted in designated areas only. Smoking includes cigarettes, cigars, and vaporizers. See park map for locations.
  • All admissions are subject to posted rules.
  • Refunds are not given.
  • Bracelets are non-transferable. Removed, lost, or tampered bracelets will not be replaced. If you are caught exchanging or tampering with a bracelet for the purpose of getting on a ride for free, you may be subject to being charged with theft of services.
  • The park will not be, or become liable or responsible for non-utilized or loss of recreational opportunities due to weather or any other circumstances beyond our control. In the event of a severe storm, rides and/or the water park may temporarily go into Safety Standby Mode at the discretion of management. If the park experiences an extended period of rainy weather without any sign of clearing, the park may close early, with raincheck passes being issued. Refunds will not be given. Please refer to the Weather Guarantee section of the website for more information on raincheck passes.
  • Management reserves the right to remove any individual without refund for any of the following: foul language, rough play, or possession of weapons, alcohol, or drugs. Anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated.
  • Guests wearing clothing deemed offensive by management will be asked to remove the clothing.
  • Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at BBQ Pit or the Upper Deck Beer Garden, and must be consumed at the location that they were purchased at.
  • Shoes are required in Funtown USA Ride Park and on all rides.
  • Shirts are required on all rides in Funtown USA, except for the Adult Bumper Boats and the Thunder Falls Log Flume.
  • Pets are not allowed (except service dogs).
  • Maine has a Rider Conduct Law – Sec. 1. 8 MSRA c. 29 (posted at Main Entrance).
  • Management reserves the right to make changes to any rules, regulations, or policies at any time without notification. Prices are subject to change without notification.
  • It may be necessary to close some queue lines before the park’s closing time.
  • Funtown Splashtown USA publishes a Food Allergy Guide should you have questions about the food items served at the park’s restaurants and food stands.
  • Hoverboards and other two-wheeled personal mobility devices are not permitted inside of the park.