If the park(s) are FORCED to completely close earlier than the scheduled closing time due to inclement weather, YOU WILL NOT LOSE!

Isn’t this great? You don’t even have to worry when the weather forecast is questionable or the weather turns bad on your great day at the park.

You will be issued a raincheck to finish your day on another time. The rain check will be marked from the time the park was forced to close, until closing, for you to come back and finish your day.

To get the raincheck, you must have both your bracelet on your wrist and your receipt, and go to Guest Services when the park closes that same day. You will receive a raincheck pass for the park(s) that you purchased. Should you choose to leave the park on your own before the closes early, you will not be issued a rain check.

Season pass holders, group sales, and company outings are not covered under this policy.

Raincheck passes may be upgraded at Guest Services so that you can redeem the pass before the time stamped on the pass. The upgrade price will be determined at time of redemption.

Saco Weather Forecast, ME